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These are the charities that say they have the general charitable mission Africa. Mission is mainly based on what charities report to the Charity Commission.

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Educating The Children(ETC) is a UK based charity which protects and empowers girls in Africa thr... Read More

The Global Natural Healthcare Trust Charity – Read More

To Raise Awareness Of Read More

(1) To Teach, Disseminate, Advance, Demonstrate, Encourage And Implement The Gospel Of Our Lord J... Read More

The Objects For Which The Charity Is Established Are For The Public Benefit To:

4.1 Advanc... Read More

A) The Association Is Established For The Relief Of Poverty, The Advancement Of Education And The... Read More

Are To Further Such Purposes As The Charitable In English Law From Time To Time And In Particular... Read More

1. To Advance The Education Of The Public In Subjects Relevant To World Hunger And Starvation. 2.... Read More

The Apt Action On Poverty Is Established To Relieve Poverty And In Particular To... Read More

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