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These are the charities that say they have the general charitable mission East Africa. Mission is mainly based on what charities report to the Charity Commission.

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India Overseas Trust

Partial Rating

The India Overseas Trust is a charity set up for the interest of overseas Indians. This rating is... Read More

To Promote The Relief And Education Of Handicapped Persons And In Particular But Without Prejudic... Read More

To Advance The Education Of The Public By Undertaking Promoting And Commissioning Research Into T... Read More

Arms around the Child is dedicated to children living in adversity helping to secure them a safe ... Read More

The Hand in Hand business creation model focuses on the poorest and most marginalized pe... Read More

The Brooke Hospital For Animals isĀ an international animal welfare organisation... Read More

Sense International is a global charity supporting deafblind people in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, ... Read More

Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (Birmingham) (GNNSJ) is a faith led ‘not fo... Read More

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