Top 10 Size of Assets

These are the Top 10 Charities with the Largest Assets, given by average size of Assets over the last three years (where available).


The Objects For Which The Charity Is Established Are For The Public Benefit To:

4.1 Advanc... Read More

£ 23,491,667

Founded in 2003, Reach to Teach is a leading educational charity meeting the needs of rural disad... Read More

£ 8,989,974

The Company’S Object Is As A Community Of People In Mission Obeying The Call Of God, To Pro... Read More

£ 7,282,667

Sarjudas foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the spiritual, cultural and social needs of the pe... Read More

£ 6,886,471

The Brooke Hospital For Animals is an international animal welfare organisation... Read More

£ 4,745,510

The Hand in Hand business creation model focuses on the poorest and most marginalized pe... Read More

£ 4,413,961

This Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University UK charity has individuals of all... Read More

£ 3,971,685

Farms for City Children offers children from urban areas all over the country a unique opportunit... Read More

£ 3,667,787

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation (DRWF) funds medical research via grants, raises awar... Read More

£ 3,553,848

The Birmingham Royal Ballet seeks to be the UK’s foremost international ballet company, enr... Read More

£ 3,512,008