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These are the charities that say they have the general charitable mission Animals. Mission is mainly based on what charities report to the Charity Commission.

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Tigers4Ever is a UK based Registered Charity (Number: 1160528) originally established as a not-Read More

Animal Sos Sri Lanka

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Animal Sos Sri Lanka is a unique facility for street animals in Sri Lanka. It provides a free-roa... Read More

TOLFA is an animal hospital and rescue centre in Rajasthan, Northern India which works to eradica... Read More

BLES is passionately devoted to creating a safe and natural home for Thai elephants. We care for ... Read More

Animals Asia Foundation

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Animals Asia founded in 1998 promotes compassion and respect for all animals and works to bring a... Read More

The Objects Of The Mandal Are To Advance The Jain Religion And To Advance The Education Of Childr... Read More

Hum Hospital Trust

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To Relieve Sickness And Suffering Of Persons Living In The Area Of Benefit, By The Provision Of F... Read More

The Objects Are:

For The Public Benefit:

3.1 To Advance Scientific Knowledge Of Pla... Read More

The Brooke Hospital For Animals isĀ an international animal welfare organisation... Read More

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