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These are the charities that say they have the general charitable mission Education / Training. Mission is mainly based on what charities report to the Charity Commission.

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Muslim Hands

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Established in 1993, Muslim Hands is an aid agency and NGO helping those affected by poverty, con... Read More

Muslim Aid

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Read More

Kamla Foundation

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Kamla Foundation works in India to expand opportunities for poor or vulnerable people and to help... Read More

Sikh Channel Aid

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Sikh Channel Aid has been working mainly within India in response to the humanitarian requirement... Read More

Hemalkasa Health Foundation UK is set up in UK to support theĀ Lok Biradari PrakalpĀ (Hemalkasa p... Read More

Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust is a charity that enables young people to achieve growth and p... Read More

Naked Truth Project

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Naked Truth is the flagship initiative of a Christian Charity called Visible. They have activitie... Read More

Kenyan Schools Project

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Kenyan Schools Project is run by a husband and wife team with an aim to advance the education of ... Read More


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Vital helps with the education of children living on the streets & in the slums as well as ev... Read More

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