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These are the charities that say they have the general charitable mission Sponsors or Undertakes Research. Mission is mainly based on what charities report to the Charity Commission.

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Bridge India

Partial Rating

The aims of Bridge India are to promote appreciation ... Read More

British Heart Foundation fund for the research each year of all heart and circulatory diseases an... Read More

Juliana Asthma Cause

Partial Rating

Juliana Asthma Cause works to provide nebulisers to hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, hospices, re... Read More

Polio Children

Partial Rating

1. To Relieve Persons With Polio And Other Neuro-Muscular Disabilities By The Provision Of Financ... Read More

Reverse Rett

Partial Rating

Reverse Rett works to speed treatments and a cure for Rett Syndrome and related MECP2 disorders b... Read More

To Raise Awareness Of Read More

A Advance For The Benefit And Education Of The Public The Science, Practice And Principles Of Plu... Read More

Advancement of all aspects of orthodontics for the public benefit including raising standards of ... Read More

To Or For The Benefit Of Such Charitable Object Or Purpose Or Objects Or Purposes As They Shall I... Read More

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