Top 10 Female Representation Charities

These are the Top 10 Charities for Female Representation, given by number of Trustees or management team that are female.


Akademi – South Asian Dance UK exists to promote understanding, appreciation and excellence... Read More

Activiteens was established in 2004 to relieve the needs of disadvantaged young people by providi... Read More

Healing Little Hearts sends teams of Doctors and Nurses to a Hospital from all over the UK to dev... Read More

Real Action (Q.P.C.T.) Ltd is a registered charity in the UK which provides fast-acting, effectiv... Read More

The charity’s mission is to provide free access to quality medical information to healthcar... Read More

To Advance The Education Of The Public By Undertaking Promoting And Commissioning Research Into T... Read More

Objectives of Womankind Worldwide Charity

  1. To Relieve The Poverty A... Read More

The Asian Foundation for Philanthropy was founded in 2005 to mobilise British Asians and inspire... Read More

Supporting people in poverty and isolation. A very grass roots local based charity in Kirklees in... Read More

Animal Sos Sri Lanka is a unique facility for street animals in Sri Lanka. It provides a free-roa... Read More