Top 10 Charities with Most Trustees

These are the Top 10 Charities with the Most Trustees, given by number of trustees.

Some charities, if they are larger on the basis of Income, may require more trustees. This is the subject of Top 10 Charities with Most Trustees Adjusted for Income.


The Inter Faith Network (IFN) works with its member bodies (national faith community representati... Read More

35 trustees

The charity strives for the advancement of the Jain religion particularly but not exclusively by ... Read More

23 trustees

The aim of the Navnik Vanik Association is to promote any charitable purpose for the well-being o... Read More

21 trustees

Brent Indian Association is a community resource centre which provides advice an... Read More

17 trustees

VIshwa Hindu Kendra was formed in 1976 for provision of a central place of worsh... Read More

16 trustees

CMCT is an organization upholding Christian values and Work for the transformation of lives in In... Read More

16 trustees

The main activity of the trust is running and maintaining a saiva hindu temple for the benefit of... Read More

16 trustees

The Lohana Charitable Foundation seeks to promote the benefit of inhabitants of North and North W... Read More

16 trustees

3. Objects Of Ci

The Company’S Objects Are:

(A) To Promote The Voluntary Sect... Read More

16 trustees

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh UK

Working in the UK since 1968. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Read More

15 trustees