Top 10 Net Expenditure / Income

Top 10 Net Expenditure / Income:

These are the Top 10 Charities with the lowest Net Expenditure as a proportion of Income, given by (Total Expenditure minus Grants Made) divided by Total Income over the last three years (where available). Using Total Expenditure divided by Total Income here instead would penalise charities which give a substantial proportion of their income as grants to individuals or organisations, so we remove these grants (where we can identify them in the accounts).


Arts for India aims to educate underprivileged but talented Indian artists via their internationa... Read More

145 %

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, the original Institution of Indian Art and Culture, was established by Dr... Read More

113 %

The YMCA Indian Student Hostel, London is a prestigious project of the National Council of YMCAs ... Read More

91 %

First established in 1957, the Indian Muslim Welfare Society (IMWS) has been instrumental in the ... Read More

87 %

The BMA represents the Bhopal survivors and the medical work in Bhopal. It arises from and is par... Read More

76 %

The aims of Bridge India are to promote appreciation ... Read More

74 %

Arya Samaj London primarily provides religious, social and cultural activities. They also support... Read More

71 %

Objectives of Nepal Leprosy Trust Charity are

    Read More

    70 %

Brent Indian Association is a community resource centre which provides advice an... Read More

70 %

The Inter Faith Network (IFN) works with its member bodies (national faith community representati... Read More

68 %

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