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  • Assessment and Rating

    Robust charity rating and assessment which highlights your good work.

  • Training

    Specialist training in London and across England.

  • Social Impact Analysis

    We can help you measure the impact you are having on your community.

  • Cost reduction audits

    Effectively no savings no fee, our services are free until we realise savings with little or no risk to your charity.

  • Fundraising

    Invitations to unique pitch events for you to fundraise.

  • Google Adwords

    Free Google Adwords grant applications.

  • PR & Email Marketing

    Specialist PR and email marketing services.

  • Digital marketing

    Unique Digital Marketing service.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    In-depth analysis of your social media online sentiment.

  • Charity banking, insurance and legal services

    Access to specialist, tailored charity banking, insurance and legal services.

  • Identify the right charities to donate to quickly.

  • Provide effective monitoring and evaluation, and benchmarking to other charities.

  • Help your charities get access to a whole range of free and heavily discounted services.

  • Improve governance and identify risks early.

  • Help your charities become best-in-class in a collaborative way .