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BBC Asian Network - Giving money to charities

Giving money to charities is something we all do when we can. Do you ever wonder just how much of the money you give goes to those who need it most? Now a new website has been launched to compare and rate British Asian charities called Charity Clarity. The BBC's Vishva Samani has more on this.

Top 10 Charities by Female Representation - Asian Voice

These are the Top 10 Charities for Female Representation, given by number of Trustees or management team that are female, as published by Asian Voice.

Top 10 Charities by Financial Health - Asian Voice

These are the Top 10 Charities in the category of Financial Health from the ones we have measured, according to Charity Clarity. They are assigned a rating out of 3, based on 5 metrics assigned different weights. As published in Asian Voice.

The way we think about charity is dead wrong

We as a society have different rulebooks for the nonprofit sector and the rest of the world when it comes to assessing what makes a great charity. We penalise high executive pay, marketing spend and the pursuit of new ideas for generating revenue in charities in a way that we would not in a business. In other words, we penalise charities for thinking big.

Top 5 couples in Philanthropy

The level of philanthropic and charitable giving among Asian communities has reached such a record high that a new initiative – Charity Clarity – was created to rank charities across 18 metrics.

Religion and ACC

With increasing wealth in the community and more and more young Hindus wanting to donate, they want to know that their donations ultimately benefit society in the intended ways. They are are going to start asking about how effective are the organisations in their governance, transparency and accountability.

Huffington Post: How to Empower Donors: Bringing Clarity to Charity

The way we think about charity is dead wrong. Many donors say they want to determine and reward the best charities with the biggest accomplishments. They want to give money. But they don't know to whom. They want greater transparency in the sector, to showcase the best charities and support others which need assistance.

Making a difference - Giving by Indian diaspora can have impact on society

There is a lot of good the British Asian diaspora can achieve in their home countries by better understanding the social impact their donations have. There are huge opportunities in this area for the diaspora, to donate or invest in worthwhile causes back home that are transparent, have good governance, and produce benefits to society and the economy that can be robustly quantified and independently verified.

"The time to modernise is now" - Lord Popat

Lord Dolar Popat says, sadly too many Hindu and British charities are still not transparent with their funding and with their elections. The question we too rarely ask ourselves is 'do we know where the that money goes?' how easy is it to access properly audited accounts and what assurances can an organisation provide.


[O]ur good, hardworking and effective charities will welcome ...[this work]... as an obvious evolution in the history of our community, says Lord Dolar Popat.

Lord Dolar Popat

The Charity Commission suspended online giving site CharityGiving in 2013 to protect charitable funds of £250,000 over concerns in its governance and financial management.

Civil Society

Could it be that everything we've been taught about charity, and about giving, and about change is backwards?

Dan Pallotta

Good governance is essential for the success of any charity and is now more important than ever.

Charity Commission

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

Mahatma Gandhi