Our Services

Charity Clarity provides support to a wide range of charities and social enterprises. Whether you work in the UK or internationally, we are committed to help you achieve your social goals.

Our core service is a charity assessment; we use 18 key metrics to highlight your good work and help you succeed.

By registering for Charity Clarity membership, we offer a free initial consultation and the following unique package of our services. Prices are excluding VAT.

For more information on any of our services please get in touch via +44 (0) 20 7993 6851 or contact@charityclarity.org.uk.

Membership packages

  • Essentials
    Great for small organisations
  • 20%
    Discounted social impact analysis
  • 20%
    Discounted training events
  • Bespoke assessment and rating
  • Free one-hour social impact assessment
  • Social media promotion of rating
  • Dedicated cost reduction audit*
  • $120,000 Google AdWords per year grant application**
  • Access to specialist insurance products
  • Access to specialist banking solutions
  • Access to specialist legal support
  • £1,000/yearly One-time annual commitment
  • Standard
    Perfect for organisations who need some support
  • Standard includes everything in Essentials
  • 50%
    Discounted social impact analysis
  • 50%
    Discounted training events
  • 50%
    PR and Email Marketing
  • Multiple revisions to rating throughout the year
  • Bespoke social media sentiment analysis
  • Option to pay by monthly direct debit
  • £750/monthly Annual commitment, billed monthly
  • Complete
          For growing organisations
  • Complete includes everything in Standard
  • 50%
    Discounted social impact analysis
  • 50%
    Discounted training events
  • 50%
    PR and Email Marketing
  • On-page SEO optimisation
  • Off-page SEO optimisation
  • Content marketing
  • Monthly SEO report
  • Real-time alerts for managing sentiment
  • Extensive email and phone support throughout the year
  • Become a featured charity ***NEW***
  • £1,500/monthly Annual commitment, billed monthly
  • Team
    For organisations that want total control
  • Team includes everything in Complete
  • 100%
    Discounted social impact analysis
  • 100%
    Discounted training events
  • 100%
    PR and Email Marketing
  • Bespoke help with fundraising, profile raising activities
  • Dedicated email marketing campaign with your own Campaign Manager
  • £3,000/monthly Annual commitment, billed monthly

Contact Us

+44 (0) 20 7993 6851

*If you are not eligible for this or we do not think we can substantially reduce your costs (at no risk to you), we automatically update your package to the most cost-effective one for you.

**If we are successful with your application, we automatically update your package to the most cost-effective one for you. The grant application is with a Google Partner agency.

Further details of our services

Assessment and Rating

Our core service is a charity assessment; we use 18 key metrics to highlight your good work and help you succeed. Show more »

See how you score in all 18 metrics. Benchmark yourself against other charities. Identify where you can improve. Do you make the top 10 in any category? We can help you get their!


Are you a Trustee? We can provide you with comprehensive, bespoke training on what every trustee should know. Show more »

These include: The legal framework within which charities operate:

  • Legal structures
  • Regulation of charities
  • What the Charity Commission does and the public benefit requirement

Trustees’ duties, responsibilities and potential liabilities

  • Charity Accounting
    • How to prepare accounts
    • The role of a treasurer and audit committee
    • Tax and VAT
    • How to manage cash donations dealing with foreign suppliers, charity funds, investing and banking.
  • Fundraising
    • What to do and what not to do, especially when dealing with cash

Social Impact Analysis

We can help you measure the impact you are having on your community. Show more »

Do you want to understand where you could develop? Our advisors are extremely experienced in conducting social impact analyses of charities and social enterprises around the world.

For example, we’ve done this for Impact Hub Kingscross, this for the Hindu Forum of Britain and this for Sewa Day recently, as well as several private, bespoke analyses.

Cost reduction audits

Effectively no savings no fee, our services are free until we realise savings with little or no risk to your charity. Show more »

  • We analyse all the costs for your business, from stationery to insurance products, and advise you where you can save money from better procurement. It’s no obligation, and could save you thousands of pounds.
  • Your journey combines a proven business methodology with an in-depth understanding of your individual charity needs. We can ensure that we deliver tangible results - on time, every time.
  • Here're the six stage process:
    • Identify - the key cost areas with the highest impact on your profits.
    • Audit - a review to assess the opportunity for cost savings and smarter spending
    • Report - a detailed and impartial report on your findings
    • Implement - roll out a bespoke plan to meet your needs.
    • Embed - managing activities cost into the future
    • Evaluate - review internal and external factors to keep your organisation at the forefront of effective procurement.


An opportunity to apply and pitch for funding at unique Partner Events with The Funding Network. Show more »

We also provide support on the other fundraising activities as, now more than ever, it is vital for charities to be as effective as they can be and to communicate their value clearly. Our advisors have the knowledge and experience to assist you with:

  • Income generation and fundraising strategies
  • Financial strategies and management
  • Strategic development of your organisation
  • Advice on fundraising grant applications

For example, we can create and run a Kickstarter campaign for you or advise on multi-channel donations.

Google Adwords

We will apply for Goolge Adwords grants on your behalf completely free of charge. Our specialist team has significant experience of applying for and managing these Grants, of at least US$120,000 a year. Show more »

Online presence is becoming more and more important with time. Longer donors are using this as their platform to give. In order to steer these people to your website you need to be on their screens! If they don’t see you how will they know about you? This is where Google Adwords come in. Using a strategic approach and the right key words you open so many new doors. Donors could be from any corner of the world and there is only one way to effectively reach them.

PR & Email Marketing

Do you do good work, but want the world to know about it? Our advisors can help you build relationships between you and your stakeholders. Show more »

Our services are designed to increase engagement with members or potential donors, and provide a clear ROI to your organisation. We believe in precision, clear communication that is delivered to the right audience in the most effective way, whether it is digital, media or face-to-face. Many charities do not have the resources, or the need, to employ someone in-house to provide communications support. But all charities have communications needs at one time or another to:

  • Develop new fundraising leads
  • Raise your profile
  • Reach out to a particular community
  • Update your social media offering or website
  • Manage a reputational issue

You might also benefit from external counsel to review what you are currently doing and perhaps to find a better or more cost-effective way of doing it.

Digital marketing

Having an online presence is really important for charities and social enterprises to communicate to their stakeholders, wider community and potential donors. Being engaged, open and showing off your success stories will help your organisation grow Show more »

Social media marketing
We provide in-depth social media marketing campaign where we analyse the organisations online presence and develop a strategy for the future.

Where you rank on Google searches is really important when generating traffic to any website. We run on-page and off-page SEO to grow your online visibility.

Sentiment Analysis

Have you ever tried to gauge what people think about your organisation? What is being said; is it positive, negative or neutral? Show more »

Sentiment Analysis automatically tracks your online presence and identifies the sentiment behind the content. It uses natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics to identify and extract subjective information about a charity from the internet. It provides you with information which you can use to your advantage. Trends emerge and you can make decisions to pivot your online strategy to gain a positive sentiment. In the third sector sentiment can change very quickly, it is all about how you adapt.

Charity banking, insurance and legal services

The banking, insurance and legal aspects of charity work are often brushed aside and often cost charities some money. With our trusted partners we can save you a lot of money in the long run Show more »

Charity banking solutions:
Access to specialist charity banking services through our banking partners – preferential rates and high quality services for cash management, loans, savings and investment management.

Charity insurance products:
Access to specialist trustee insurance products through our insurance partners, tailored specifically for you. Running a charity is complicated and time-consuming. ‘Sort out the insurance’ is probably way down on your to-do list – if it’s even on your list. Wouldn’t it be grand if a helpful expert simply told you what you needed to know? While sticking to the facts and leaving out the jargon? Giving up your time to improve others’ lives is noble. But doing so makes you vulnerable to risks and liabilities you might not be aware of. Seems a bit unfair doesn't it? Problem is, charities of all sizes are subject to the same level of scrutiny and bureaucracy as commercial businesses. And just like company directors and their businesses, trustees are responsible for all aspects of their charity: from counting the pennies to keeping up with health and safety; from volunteers’ welfare to the charity’s public face. But wouldn’t it be a shame if red tape and risk got in the way of your good cause? Well, don’t worry, it needn’t. You can do something about it. That something is insurance for small charities. Here’s how it helps.

  • Cover for your trustees
  • Cover for your volunteers
  • Cover for your events
  • Cover for your property
  • Cover for your expertise

Specialist legal support
Legal costs are an unwanted, but necessary, expense for any organisation. For charities this could consume a high percentage of your donations. With our legal partners we can alleviate this cost.