One Kind Act: “driven by the idea of joyful giving”

Charity Awards - One Kind Act - Startup of the Year Winner

One Kind Act was delighted to win the start up Charity of the Year 2017. As a young charity, raising our profile can be difficult and this award is a valuable opportunity to rise to this challenge. We feel our ethos of enjoying life while making the world a better place, USP of negligible costs, and determination to support noble causes that have fallen through the net is what gained us this valued recognition.

Regardless of how little or how much we all have, every single day brings countless opportunities to give.  This may be a compliment, a flower, sharing knowledge, a helping hand, or a genuine smile. The best gift you can give is to leave someone feeling a little lighter than they felt before your interaction. The monetary value of the gift doesn’t always matter; it is the intention behind your giving and receiving that is the most important thing.

At One Kind Act we believe the feeling of happiness and fun is enhanced when it is shared, whether with family, friends or even strangers.  As such, we are driven by the idea of joyful giving. The simple act of increasing inclusiveness in one’s own contentment or prosperity has a powerful ripple effect which makes the world a happier place.

On a day to day basis, our work varies from due diligence on causes to support, following up on the use of money donated, updating our website, ensuring finances are transparent, brain storming and organising fund raising events.  In a time when, on average, only 12% of donations reach the intended needy, One Kind Act are immensely proud to claim almost 100% reaches the suffering with no unnecessary costs.

Our greatest achievement has been the real tangible improvements in lives we have made in a short time, while keeping costs negligible.  We have actively searched for long term, sustainable improvement in lives rather than short term quick fixes.  We aim to give a hand up rather than a hand out. This includes a disabled shelter in Tanzania, water wells in war damaged Sri Lanka,  neglected elderly fed daily in South India,  medical equipment in Uganda, children educated for the first time in tribal Rajasthan, several homeless fed and dressed in UK to name a few.

One Kind Act’s vision for the future is to initiate a legacy by involving the younger generation in the idea of having fun while helping others, to look at enjoyable, innovative ways to raise funds, to work with all communities towards a common good and to get corporations on board with our work to increase happiness.

Starting a charity needs time, energy and passion. There is red tape and several hoops to jump through before successfully registering with the Charity Commission. It helps to have a clear, focused vision.  There is so much suffering out there, trying to make a difference can feel overwhelming. Working through a period of reflection, self questioning and research is the ideal way to start. Identify your passion and set out your criteria clearly, but be prepared to reassess your compass along the way. Appoint a team who bring different skills to ensure a balanced, well rounded board.  Most importantly, be clear about the level of commitment and effort that is required and about being open, accountable and trustworthy. Remember charities can be smart and business-like whilst retaining core values at the same time

There are countless ways in which you can help the less fortunate. One of those is through us at One Kind Act. If you feel passionate about what we do, get involved at

Written by Richa Varma, associate of One Kind Act.

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