Launch of our new Donor Advisory Service

Charity Clarity Donor Advisory Service

Empower donors. Support charities. That’s what Charity Clarity stands for.

And now in 2019, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our Donor Advisory Service, which is completely free for donors.

If you’re a donor, how do you decide which charity to support? How much should you give to make a difference? How will you know the impact? Charity Clarity will take the guesswork out of this process, and help you connect with the most worthy projects.

Our approach

We’ll take time to understand what you’re looking for, and find the right project for you: Our recommendations will be based on the Charity Clarity rating, location, risk profile, possibility of impact and scale.

First-stage due diligence: We’ll get in touch with the charities, and conduct an initial Charity Rating on your behalf as a first-stage evaluation, using our experience and donor tools. We know how to ask the right questions.

Detailed due diligence: Once we’ve shortlisted charities based on our first-stage due diligence, we can proceed with the detailed due diligence alongside the charity.

Measuring the impact: We will help you understand the potential impact made, and how this can be maximised, for example through donations in tranches.

We’ll manage the process from start to finish: For our Premium service, this includes arranging meetings with prospective recipient charities, creating a “beauty parade” and following through with the charities on a regular basis to make sure the money is being used in the most effective manner.

We will ensure your philanthropic requirements are taken care of at every step of the process.

Who have we worked with

We’ve worked with a range of donors, including individual philanthropists and corporates seeking to donate to education, healthcare, religious and spiritual, and homelessness causes. What sets up apart is our tailored approach to each client. We take time to understand your requirements and vision, and seek to realise that.

What next?

This service is available for Individuals and Corporates. To set up an introductory meeting, please get in touch with us at or call  +44 (0) 20 7993 6851.

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