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  • 31st March 2017Charity published on Friday, 31st March, 2017
  • 2014Based on accounts from 2014
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    Lohana Mahajan (UK) Trust

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    Charity Number : 1105534
    Overall Rating

    Lohana Community West London was formed in 1976, Community needed its own premises. In October 2000, LCWL bought a premises in Greenford which is now used as Shree Jalaram Mandir, under Chartable Status Ragghuvanshi Mahajan –RAMA, as the property was not big enough for Community Events. In December 2004, LCWL bought property at Repton Avenue, Sudbury, Wembley, Middx HA0 3DW under the Charitable Trust “Lohana Mahajan (UK) Trust” – LMT. Property remained unused till October 2008 mainly due to dilapidated state. In October C J Rabheru, Girish Mashru, Dhiren Gadhia and Mahendra Gokani stepped down as RAMA Trustees. Girish Mashru, Mahendra Gokani and Dhiren Gadhia were elected as L M(UK) Trust Trustees, C J Rabheru did not wish to become a Trustee of L M (UK) Trust but remained as Advisor to the Trust and Trustees.

    L M (UK) Trust faced severe financial constraints, there was once a directive from the Members to sell the Property which meant Trust and Members who lent the funds for purchase would lose out hence to sell was not an option. On 12th August 2010 Trustees and C J Rabheru decided to open Mandir at the venue known as Shree Jalaram Jyot Mandir. Mandir became operational gradually and now it is a fully functional Jalarambapa’s Mandir attracting thousands of people on event days. Mandir serves Prasad – Sadavrat daily from 1.00pm till 2.00pm daily servingfreshly cooked food by qualified cooks. Daily in excess of 80 people have Prasad, on Thursday’s around 300 plus people have Prasad from 1.00om till 3.00pm.

    Thursday’s Bhajans are very popular and attracts hundreds of devotees, Prasad is served to 600 plus devotees on Thursday’s Hanuman Chalisas on Saturday are popular, venue is packed with devotees serving Prasad to 300 plus between 1.00pm till 3.00pm Mandir also host other Religious Events such as Holi, Shiv Ratri, Ram Naumi, Hanuman Chalisa etc which attracts 2000 plus devotees who are also offered Prasad.

    Other Regular Events such as Mataji Lota, Janmashtami, Saptah, Bhajans, and Weddings are also organised. Mandir serves pure vegetarian Prasad on all the events regardless of number of devotees. One unique service Mandir Provides is that of supplying Prasad to deceased family and hold Barmu or Termu vidhi and Prasad at the Mandir.

    Financial Health 1.75

    • Late in submitting accounts: 0
    • Working Capital: 0
    • Expense Growth: 2
    • Total net expenditure/Total Income: (No information available)
    • Employees over 3 year average income: 5

    Accountability & Transparency 2.11

    • Clarity over Trusteeship process: 0.71
    • Number of trustees: 5
    • Female Representation: 3
    • Number of Additional Boards the Trustees serve: 0
    • Social Impact Reporting: 2.88
    • Public Relations: 1.79
    • Revenues from Trading Activities: (No information available)

    Accessibility 1.61

    • Contact Details Available: 5
    • Clear and Accessible Information: 0.75
    • Recently Updated: 2
    • Social Media Presence: 0.5
    • Google Rank: Not Rated
    • Vision and strategy: 0.63
    Average for all charities Value for this charity

    Overall Rating

    0.00 minimum rating 5.00 maximum rating

    Financial Health

    0.00 minimum rating 5.00 maximum rating

    Submitting Accounts Late

    610 days average late in last 5 years 0

    Total Income

    £ 10,936,508
    £ 440,466
    £ 0: average over last three years £ 1,503,300,000

    Routinely in the Red

    £ 407,485
    £ -230,927
    £ 151,517,000: average over last three years
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    Net Expenditure/Income

    16 %
    0 %
    0 %: average over last three years 267 %

    Size of Assets

    £ 1,923,466
    £ 38,010
    £ : average over last three years £ 544,896,274

    Employee Efficiency

    473: efficiency (low figure is better) 0 efficiency

    Accountability and Transparency

    0.00 minimum rating 5.00 maximum rating

    Most Trustees

    0 trustees 0 trustees

    Trustee Process

    0 18

    Female Representation

    32 %
    29 %
    0 %: of trustees and management that are female 400 %

    Trading Revenue

    7 %
    65 %
    0 %% revenue from trading activities. 112 %%


    0.00 minimum rating 5.00 maximum rating


    0 out of 10 for Google Page Rank 10

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