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  • 2nd April 2017Charity published on Sunday, 2nd April, 2017
  • 2016Based on accounts from 2016
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    Women Without Roofs Nepal

    Partial Rating
    Charity Number : 1132931
    Overall Rating

    The relief of financial hardship among adults and their children living in Nepal by providing such persons grants of money to provide or pay for items, services or facilities they could otherwise not afford through lack of means.
    To relieve sickness and promote and protect the good health of the people in Nepal.
    Our principal activity is the provision of funds so that the women we support can pay their rent and therefore have the security of a place to live. In addition we also provide a child benefit allowance per child to their carers (Mother or Grandmother). We also provide support for medical bills for all our women and their families.
    On an ad-hoc basis we provide school fees for students studying medical courses at University level. We see this as investing in the future of Nepal.
    We provide a women’s home and help fund the ongoing operation and development of the market garden and animal husbandry by the women on the premises.
    We have expanded our training and citizenship courses to enable the women we support, and some others who live in the locality of our home, to be more self-sufficient, to lead healthier lives and to be fully registered with the authorities as Nepali citizens.
    In order to encourage self-reliance and empowerment we have supported two women in retail enterprises.
    Women are referred to us by pastors, by the women we already help or by a Nepali charity Koshish which seeks to rehabilitate women with mental illness and provided they meet our criteria i.e. that they are on their own (no husband to support them) and do not have excessive private income, they are eligible for our support.

    Financial Health 3.67

    • Late in submitting accounts: 5
    • Working Capital: (No information available)
    • Expense Growth: 1
    • Total net expenditure/Total Income: (No information available)
    • Employees over 3 year average income: 5

    Accountability & Transparency 2.53

    • Clarity over Trusteeship process: 0.36
    • Number of trustees: 5
    • Female Representation: 5
    • Number of Additional Boards the Trustees serve: 2
    • Social Impact Reporting: 2.38
    • Public Relations: 2.5
    • Revenues from Trading Activities: (No information available)

    Accessibility 2.54

    • Contact Details Available: 4.5
    • Clear and Accessible Information: 2.5
    • Recently Updated: 3
    • Social Media Presence: 1.5
    • Google Rank: Not Rated
    • Vision and strategy: 2.88
    Average for all charities Value for this charity

    Overall Rating

    0.00 minimum rating 5.00 maximum rating

    Financial Health

    0.00 minimum rating 5.00 maximum rating

    Submitting Accounts Late

    610 days average late in last 5 years 0

    Total Income

    £ 10,936,508
    £ 185,385
    £ 0: average over last three years £ 1,503,300,000

    Routinely in the Red

    £ 407,485
    £ 11,129
    £ 151,517,000: average over last three years
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    Net Expenditure/Income

    16 %
    94 %
    0 %: average over last three years 267 %

    Size of Assets

    £ 1,923,466
    £ 0

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    £ : average over last three years
    £ 544,896,274

    Employee Efficiency

    473: efficiency (low figure is better) 0 efficiency

    Accountability and Transparency

    0.00 minimum rating 5.00 maximum rating

    Most Trustees

    0 trustees 0 trustees

    Trustee Process

    0 18

    Female Representation

    32 %
    80 %
    0 %: of trustees and management that are female 400 %

    Trading Revenue

    7 %
    0 %
    0 %% revenue from trading activities. 112 %%


    0.00 minimum rating 5.00 maximum rating


    0 out of 10 for Google Page Rank 10

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